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Mortgage Contracting Services Celebrates 25 Years
Feb 21, 2011

Mortgage Contracting Services LLC (MCS), a provider of property preservation, inspections and real estate-owned (REO) property maintenance, has reached a key company milestone: 25 years of protecting and preserving communities all across the country. Through more than two decades of quality-focused performance as a field services company, MCS has grown to support some of the largest mortgage servicers. “Reaching such a significant milestone stands as a testament to the success of any company. We are particularly excited to achieve this mark of longevity because of the challenges we have faced and overcome,” said Caroline Reaves, chief executive officer of Mortgage Contracting Services. “This company has not only weathered several varying market cycles, but has also continued to grow through each of them. During the last quarter century, MCS has adapted to evolving market changes, extreme volume fluctuations and regulatory requirements to expand its suite of services in providing solutions for its clients’ needs.” MCS continues to maintain a flexible and scalable infrastructure to support any client, large or small, and adapt to its evolving needs for technology and capacity. One of the company’s primary strategic initiatives was enhancing its REO service offering, providing a full spectrum of REO property maintenance services to support clients with quality, compliant care of their assets. With the rapid, ongoing growth in the REO market, MCS has responded to provide its clients with the support for adapting to this environment and the foresight for countering it. Additionally, MCS opened its Dallas office in July 2007 to strengthen the company’s national footprint and to provide additional resources for its customer base and vendor network. That facility also enabled both staffing and data redundancy, and contributed to MCS’ ability to enhance client interaction while increasing its disaster recovery capabilities. Having dual operations supports MCS’ ongoing growth initiatives, accommodating both new business and future hires as well as fortifying its service levels. Also in 2007, MCS introduced MCS360, its automated workflow application that simplifies the submission of work order results, bids and invoices, enabling the real-time transfer of information between MCS, its vendor network and clients. The technology suite made a significant impact on day-to-day operations by improving productivity, accuracy and scalability while additionally offering a true 360-degree look at the client’s portfolio. “Collectively, MCS’ management team shares more than 200 years of industry experience in leading servicing shops, giving us the knowledge to anticipate and respond to, and provide solutions for, our clients’ evolving needs. We have set a strong standard to do just that, and we are very eager to extend that work through our next 25 years,” said Reaves. For more information, visit
Feb 21, 2011
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