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ISGN’s LSAMS Servicing System Now Includes Web-Based Application
Feb 23, 2011

ISGN, a provider of end-to-end technology solutions and services to the U.S. mortgage industry, has announced that its LSAMS servicing system now features a Web-based application solution, converting servicers’ host screens into a new Web look and feel. It gives servicers the tools to quickly and easily extend their legacy applications to the web, as they become available as hypertext markup language (HTML) through web browsers. Servicers can improve the workflow and navigation of their host applications without any access or modification to their source code. LSAMS is a dynamic loan servicing system, with processing features that manage new loan boarding, transaction processing and banking, as well as investor accounting, collections and payoffs and other servicing-related tasks. The system gives servicers access to current customer data through a single servicing platform. The LSAMS Web-based application gives servicers the ability to pick ISGN as their hosting solution, letting ISGN manage the nightly end of day processing and perform any required system updates, allowing servicers to cut back their IT staff performing these operations. The LSAMS Web-based application provides users with many additional benefits, including rollover menu selections, buttons for function keys, dropdown boxes for sub-file selections, calendar widgets for date input fields and a new screen combination feature to consolidate inquiry screens. It also has a magnifying glass icon for F4 prompt fields. “Servicers face a growing catalogue of cost pressures as they handle the challenges posed by layers of federal and state regulations, changing servicing guidelines and investor requirements,” said Niraj Patel, group president of ISGN. “The new LSAMS Web-based application will help servicers lower their IT costs as ISGN becomes a hosting solution, and enjoy improved workflow and navigation generated by a more technologically savvy and efficient servicing system.” For more information, visit
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