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Mortgage Heroes: Kentucky Neighborhood Bank (KNB)
May 20, 2011

When we think of “Mortgage Heroes,” the folks at Kentucky Neighborhood Bank (KNB) in Radcliff, Ky., come to mind. The minute they heard about the new USA Cares Military Family Housing Education course, designed to provide a clear understanding of how to work with military borrowers, they were eager to take it and get certified. Not only did all their loan officers take the course, their entire lending staff signed up! Even though they’ve been skillfully serving their military clients for many years, Loan Officer Ken Dozer remarked after completing his exam, “Everyone who touches a loan should take this course!” Stepping up to help our military service men and women is nothing new at KNB Bank. They teamed up with USA Cares nearly five years ago to continue their approach that we can all do just a little bit more to help our service members, who are friends and family to all of us. They were already offering a higher than average rate of return on their military deposit accounts to further their mission to help. Participating in the “red shirt Friday” campaign since its inception, they decided to take it a step further. Purchasing several hundred long- and short-sleeved t-shirts, they sold and contributed 100 percent of the proceeds to USA Cares. Where most donors simply donate the difference between the shirt and the sale price, KNB has footed the expense for the shirts personally and then donated the proceeds from the sales without recouping the cost of the shirts. That’s generosity! As one more added twist of giving, KNB Bank offers its employees the opportunity to designate USA Cares as the beneficiary of their payroll-deducted United Way contributions. It all adds up to make a difference to service members everywhere. Over the last few years, KNB Bank’s fundraisers, and just plain giving, have funneled thousands of dollars to help alleviate the many needs that arise in even ordinary military life, much less the current multiple deployments of guard and reserve units everywhere. KNB Bank actively participates in the annual USA Cares golf scramble held at Fort Knox, Ky. Loan Officer Ken Dozer stepped up this year as committee member and treasurer for the USA Cares Wounded Warrior Golf Scramble held at Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Country Club in Louisville, Ky. In other words, when USA Cares mentions another way to help our military service men and women, the folks at KNB Bank immediately say, “Yes!" We extend to everyone at KNB Bank, their lending department, support staff, indeed all of their employees, our deepest appreciation on behalf of service members worldwide and congratulate them for being true “Mortgage Heroes!” Are you a “Mortgage Hero” or know of anyone who might be? We want to hear from you if you've completed the FREE Military Family Housing Education Course as Mortgage Heroes deserve to be recognized for their outstanding service to America’s servicemen and servicewomen. Please send a short bio to MFHE Program Manager Beverly Frase at [email protected]
May 20, 2011
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