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Ohio Attorney General and Carrington Mortgage Services Reach Agreement on Servicing Issues
May 23, 2011

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Commerce Director David Goodman have announced an assurance of voluntary compliance (AVC) with Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to resolve a 2009 lawsuit and to provide relief to Ohio homeowners facing foreclosure. "This agreement will help Ohioans obtain affordable modifications to allow them to stay in their homes," Ohio AG DeWine said. "We are pleased that Carrington Mortgage Services has worked with our Office and is committed to helping Ohio homeowners avoid foreclosure." The Attorney General, the Ohio Department of Commerce and Carrington Mortgage Services agreed to mortgage servicing standards that will apply to all Carrington Mortgage Services LLC-serviced Ohio loans. The servicing standards include: ►Borrowers who complete a loan modification application will be assigned a single point of contact with Carrington Mortgage Services. ►Carrington Mortgage Services will implement a specific timeline for all loan modification requests. ►Carrington Mortgage Services will temporarily suspend foreclosures when a borrower completes a loan modification application and will implement an internal review process for denied loan modifications. “Combining the effort and resources of CMS and the State of Ohio to further the goal of assisting Ohio homeowners makes great sense,” said Dave Gordon, chief operating officer of Carrington Holding Company. “Instead of focusing our energies on litigation, we will be working together to continue what we have been accomplishing for our consumers all across the country: offering best-in-class servicing and providing a loan modification and loss mitigation process that is as simple and seamless as possible.” Carrington Mortgage Services also has agreed to provide loan modifications or other relief to 60 Ohio homeowners who had obtained their loans from a non-Carrington Mortgage Services lender, the servicing rights for which Carrington Mortgage Services acquired in 2007. Prior to the AVC, Carrington Mortgage Services had entered into modifications with 31 of those homeowners, and under the AVC, Carrington Mortgage Services has agreed to provide modifications or other relief to the other 29. The AVC ends litigation that the Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Ohio Department of Commerce filed against Carrington Mortgage Services in Franklin County on July 31, 2009. Carrington Mortgage Services admits to no wrongdoing or liability as part of the AVC.
May 23, 2011
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