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Mortgage Heroes: Ben Mendoza, Frost Mortgage Banking Group
Jun 02, 2011

“Mortgage Hero” could mean just about anything, depending on who you ask. A hero is often one who quietly works behind the scenes to accomplish things. Sometimes it results in a real attention-getting operation. Most often it’s something much less noticeable, but very important to the recipients of the project. The neighborhood around Albuquerque, N.M. most often sees Ben Mendoza, a loan officer with Frost Mortgage Banking Group, as a quiet hero. One thing they know about him for sure: If an event is military-related, he’ll be there. When Ben heard about the new USA Cares Military Family Housing Education (MFHE) course, designed to provide a clear understanding of how to work with military borrowers, he knew it fit with the lending approach he already used. “I feel that my unique approach in serving my military clients by providing them the important details to make an informed decision is met with great appreciation by the respective base Family Service Groups,” said Mendoza. His certification logo for the MFHE course helps those military clients to find him. Even though he’s been working with military servicemen and servicewomen for quite some time, he picked up a couple of tips to keep him current as “The local lending expert.” Ben is quite committed to this special group of men and women he loves to help. It’s very clear to him that the job they do each day is a sacrifice for his own freedom, and he’s determined that their work won’t go unnoticed. “I’m intricately familiar with the VA guidelines and passionate about serving this special client,” Ben said. His ability to provide the quality help they’ve earned and deserve is his way of giving back. Before working with the folks at Cannon and Kirtland Air Force Bases in New Mexico, Ben Mendoza was a familiar name around Washington state naval bases: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Kitsap Naval Base, Bremerton Naval Station, Bangor Naval Submarine Base, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and Fort Lewis Army Base. In Ben’s own words: “I am happy to contribute to Frost Mortgage Banking Group’s involvement and support of our nation’s servicemen and women. Whether it’s providing tickets to sporting events for families, hosting barbeques or aiding in relocations across the country, Frost Mortgage has more than proven its commitment to our Armed Forces for which I am grateful and honored to participate.” Yes, that’s what we consider a “Mortgage Hero.” We extend to Ben Mendoza at Frost Mortgage Banking Group our deepest appreciation on behalf of service members worldwide and congratulate him for being a true “Mortgage Hero!” Contact him at (505) 385-2835 for your mortgage needs. Are you a “Mortgage Hero” or know of anyone who might be? We want to hear from you if you've completed the FREE Military Family Housing Education Course as Mortgage Heroes deserve to be recognized for their outstanding service to America’s servicemen and servicewomen. Please send a short bio to MFHE Program Manager Beverly Frase at [email protected]  
Jun 02, 2011
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