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RFC Adds Barry Habib to Lead Marketing Initiatives

Jan 31, 2012

Barry Habib has returned to the mortgage industry as the new chief market strategist for Residential Finance Corporation (RFC). Habib, an entrepreneur who created the Mortgage Market Guide, will provide his industry knowledge and forecasting abilities to RFC’s retail branching division. “I really believe the housing market is making a turnaround, and the mortgage market has stabilized so there is a tremendous upside to getting involved in these industries again,” Habib said. “With that in mind, I started researching companies and found RFC, which has a platform and culture that I can be part of and help to grow. I was lucky to find the people at RFC, who are world class in their commitment to this industry.” Habib is well-known for the Mortgage Market Guide, which helps interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets. He started the company in 2001; sold it in 2007, but remained as chief executive officer until 2010. RFC has a 15-year history in the mortgage business and launched the retail branching division one year ago. The company tapped the expertise of retail branching veteran Daniel Jacobs as division president. During his 17 years in the financial industry, Habib has amassed such insight that he has become a sought-after speaker on financial markets, housing, negotiation, sales training, building relationships, technical trading analysis and motivation. Habib is also featured as a market expert on the FOX Network and in his Monthly Mortgage Report featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box. “Part of our strategy is building the best company with the industry’s best talent,” said Jacobs, “and investing in a Chief Market Strategist of Barry’s caliber is proof of our commitment to our branch managers, originators and borrowers. We have a culture that supports the professional growth of our originators. That makes Barry a perfect match for our company. “Today’s marketplace is more demanding than ever of mortgage professionals and RFC is more supportive than ever with its training, resources and solid lending platform,” continued Jacobs. “Our branches have a competitive advantage few others do with the addition of Barry and his insight, training, coaching and support.” RFC branches will have exclusive access to Habib’s industry knowledge and forecasting abilities. He will provide daily video market updates to branch managers and originators as well as personal and sales coaching and on-site realtor and recruiting seminars.
Jan 31, 2012