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Envoy Mortgage Expands With Addition of Builder Division

Oct 09, 2012

Envoy Mortgage has expanded its business with the launch of its new National Builder Division platform. The independent mortgage lender seeks to capture opportunities to reach and serve the resurgent homebuilder market segment by offering targeted products and services to meet the specific needs of builders and their buyers. “Everyone knows the economy has been struggling and that pain was especially felt in the new home construction segment,” said Suzanne Schakett, appointed senior vice president of the National Builder Division at Envoy. “Those struggles did not necessarily have to do with homebuilders mishandling their business in any way, but rather with cash flow constraints from the banks and their inability to acquire interim construction financing, among other factors. Today, however, there is a renewed energy being felt in the industry and homebuilders are excited for the first time in several years.” The National Builder Division will partner with large and small homebuilders and, guided with construction market research and expertise, will focus on helping builders expand their footprint in new construction communities nationally. Through its new division, Envoy hopes to “think outside the box” by serving as an extension of the builder’s sales team through on-site coverage, co-branding and co-marketing efforts, and customized solutions to help generate traffic within the new home communities it serves. “With this new platform, Envoy Mortgage is able to effectively leverage all of our tools and resources to help homebuilders and developers sell homes and deliver a best-in-class home buying experience,” Schakett said. “It is important that we offer a variety of products to aid builders and their buyers in making their dream of owning a new home a possibility. There are still niche products, such as the Energy Efficient Mortgage, that solve specific challenges buyers face, but many lenders out there just want to offer what I call vanilla mortgage products to save time. Ultimately, a builder could have a buyer leave the model home disappointed because they weren’t partnering with a lender that understands how to use all the tools in the toolbox to help them sell homes.”
Oct 09, 2012