Credit Repair Resources and OriginationPro Form Credit Repair Partnership

Credit Repair Resources and OriginationPro Form Credit Repair Partnership

November 14, 2012

Credit Repair Resources and OriginationPro have announced that the two organizations have partnered in order to promote legitimate and compliant credit repair with marketing and training support to the mortgage and real estate industries. 
“Since the company has been founded, we have fought to bring a new level of awareness towards the benefits of credit restoration services delivered in a compliant manner," Chad Kusner, president and co-founder of Credit Repair Resources said. "This goal has been a driving force behind our involvement with the National Association of Credit Service Organizations (NACSO). Our partnership with OriginationPro will take this message to a new level as Dave Hershman has thousands of followers within the industry as well as the marketing expertise to help professionals serve clients and prospects within this sector.”
The partnership between the two entities will include industry and consumer training designed to educate participants about consumer rights and how credit repair works. This training will reveal what actions are allowed from a legal perspective and what results can be expected. We will also educate professionals regarding how to overcome stigmas associated with the industry due to the widespread delivery of illegal or deceptive practices. Additionally we will give our followers the marketing tools that will help industry participants deliver an effective message to consumers regarding the realities of credit restoration services.
“We are very excited at the opportunity to serve the industry in this regard," said Dave Hershman, co-founder of the Hershman Group and OriginationPro. "In my over three decades of experience leading this industry, our goal has always been to help the average American achieve the American Dream of Homeownership in the right way. I have always held a deep belief that this service should extend beyond making a mortgage, but putting a client in a better financial position. Risk based pricing and stricter standards have not only put homeownership out of reach for many in this country but put, many others in a position of raising their costs for insurance, debts and even put them in jeopardy of not being able to obtain their ideal job. With these services delivered in the right way, we can help turn the tide for thousands of our citizens.”