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Fast Start for MSS's Vantage Integrated Production
Apr 29, 2013

Introduced in March 2013, Vantage Integrated Production (VIP) from Mortgage Success Source LLC, one of the industry’s most comprehensive, enterprise-class sales and marketing services, has opened to an enthusiastic reception with nearly a dozen companies in the process of licensing and installation. “We worked with numerous lenders over the last 18 months to make sure VIP would be exactly what was required; a production platform capable of meeting today’s regulatory challenges while driving revenue,” said Paul Zoukis, CEO of Mortgage Success Source. “We’re confident we hit the mark with this multi-million dollar investment.” Built on a common database that integrates data from across the lender’s internal systems, VIP provides an unrivaled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform coupled with industry-leading solution and content for proposal development, presentation and marketing. “Vantage Integrated Production is designed to support every aspect of production,” said Sue Woodard, president of Mortgage Success Source. “We provide Vantage CRM, a powerful sales automation solution capable of driving both field and call center performance, and then turn the usual approach to CRM marketing modules on its head by empowering the lender to manage and control the creation and distribution of its marketing collateral. With Vantage Marketing the lender can take charge of both compliance and brand management in one easy-to-use platform, unlike anything else in the industry. If the lender needs more assistance, we can provide the Vantage Content Library to supplement their creative efforts with an ever expanding array of marketing materials and sales aids.” Built on a central database that combines the lender’s prospect, borrower, partner, loan and pricing information, the Vantage Data Center enhances analysis, empowers event-triggered automated marketing, ensures the suitability of proposals and drives efficiency by sharing data across services. “We don’t believe you can really drive conversion rates or assure compliance unless you reach every point of contact with the customer,” said Todd Ballenger, EVP of sales solutions and business development for Mortgage Success Source. “Whether it’s face-to-face or over the Web, every proposal needs to be suited to the customer’s specific needs, every presentation clear and presented in the form the prospect prefers. Of course, from the enterprise view, everything should be consistent and incorporate the best sales practices possible. That’s precisely what Vantage Sales delivers.”
Apr 29, 2013
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