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ACI Customizes Its Accurity Valuation Offering
May 23, 2013

ACI has announced that Accurity Valuation has adopted seven custom ACI appraisal report packs in addition to a forensic review checklist to organize and streamline the production and distribution of appraisal reports. As a result, Accurity affiliate members and their clients will benefit from a uniform appraisal report package fortified by documentation and tools that better support each value conclusion. ACI is a Verisk Analytics company. “The Accurity footprint continues to expand nationally, which requires both technology and qualified appraisers who can use that technology,” said Tom Munizzo, president of Accurity Valuation. “ACI’s technology provides us with a significant lift because a large percentage of Accurity affiliates are already on the ACI platform. As a result of this alliance, we can provide our affiliates with technology that helps them stay organized and also streamlines the review and underwriting processes.” One of the challenges reviewers and underwriters face when reading an appraisal report is the absence of any consistent sequence to the pages that make up the report, which creates costly delays and potential oversights during appraisal review and loan underwriting. ACI’s technology addresses this issue on the front end by providing the appraiser with a prescribed template for each appraisal product type to be completed. Additionally, Accurity affiliates can access PAR Logic, ACI’s appraisal review platform, in addition to Accurity’s custom library of comments, which can be used to document improvements, repairs, and other areas of concern in the addendum of an appraisal report. “Packaging appraisal reports consistently and more efficiently makes sense. This coordination will immediately enhance the user experience for Accurity’s increasing number of affiliates as well as its growing client base,” said George Opelka, senior vice president of ACI. “By combining a standard report presentation with an easily accessible comment library, the PAR Logic rules, and a qualified appraiser — everyone wins.”
May 23, 2013
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