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ClosingCorp Partners With TSS Software Corporation
Jun 14, 2013

ClosingCorp has announced its partnership with TSS Software Corporation. Using ClosingCorp’s SmartGFE Calculator, customers of TSS Software’s TitleExpress receive title and settlement orders from lenders through the online calculator. Assurety Title & Escrow is the first mutual user to leverage this new capability. “Simplifying the estimate to order process for title and settlement services is a big benefit to both title companies as well as their lender clients,” said Troy Hodgdon, president of Assurety Title & Escrow. “Through the SmartGFE Calculator, we provide lenders a simple way to get an immediate estimate and place orders for services whenever they need them. With the TitleExpress integration, we effectively manage these orders within our standard workflow. We believe this is the future of how origination transactions will be processed and are excited to be a part of this new era.” Lenders order services by visiting a title company’s website to access the SmartGFE Calculator. Accurate rates for title and settlement as well as recording fees and transfer taxes are provided by the calculator. After cost estimates are generated, orders for title and settlement are placed through the calculator online. The online orders from lenders are automatically submitted into TitleExpress with an electronic document containing the estimate. “This partnership lends itself to true innovation and the improvement of processes,” said Barbara Miller, president and COO of TSS Software Corporation. “ClosingCorp’s team understands the importance of true collaboration for the sake of moving the industry forward, and together we provide a service that enhances a lender’s business while enabling them to focus on their customers. Title companies with TitleExpress and the SmartGFE Calculator may provide this service to their lender clients. “Our primary goal with the SmartGFE Calculator was to offer both title companies and lenders a better way to provide and obtain quotes,” said Bob Hart, vice president of national account sales at ClosingCorp. “Our integration with TSS is the first phase of automating and providing transparency to the ordering of title and settlement services online. Partnering with TSS improves all stages of the process from quoting to ordering.”
Jun 14, 2013
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