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LenderLive Announces Subservicing Partneship With Pingora Asset Management

Jun 25, 2013

LenderLive Network Inc. recently partnered with Pingora Asset Management. LenderLive began working with Pingora in February and provides subservicing to a portion of its portfolio. “We wanted a nimble partner; one who understands all the nuances of this industry,” said Michael Lau, CEO of Denver-based Pingora. “LenderLive immediately stood out not only because of its comprehensive servicing offerings without legacy constraints but also its Denver location, which would make working with the company much more convenient. These two important business aspects made it an easy decision for us, and working with LenderLive has already helped improve our business efficiency.” Pingora, founded in 2012, was started based on the premise of carving out an investment pool consisting of the growing number of MSR’s from newly originated performing loans. The firm initially engaged with LenderLive after purchasing its first group of Fannie Mae MSR’s. “Pingora’s management team has extensive experience in the market, and they know what business processes are necessary to run a successful and risk-adverse mortgage fund,” said Rick Seehausen, CEO of LenderLive. “We take pride in being able to work quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of our customers and their clients. As Pingora continues to grow and build relationships, LenderLive is committed to being a trusted partner.”
Jun 25, 2013