Thumbs Up for Nationwide Appraisal Network

Thumbs Up for Nationwide Appraisal Network

August 5, 2013

Nationwide Appraisal Network reports that 94 percent of borrowers rated the professionalism of the firm’s appraisers as excellent, very good or good. The survey captures the views of 279 borrowers who completed the online questionnaire in the second quarter. The purpose of the survey was to gain an understanding of how borrowers perceived the services they received at the time of the appraisal inspection. Nationwide Appraisal Network uses customized technology that’s nimble, intuitive, cost effective, and supported by experienced mortgage professionals.
“Our appraisers are doing a great job and the high level of borrower satisfaction reflected in the survey results show pride in their profession and how much they enjoy working with our team,” said Joni Pilgrim, co-founder and director of sales and marketing for Nationwide Appraisal Network. “As a people-centric business, customer service is at the heart of our processes. Not only do we strive to provide great customer service to our clients, but to our client’s clients as well. We understand the importance of repeat business and as a representative of our client, it’s important that their customers feel confident in NAN and our appraisers.”
In the first quarter, 93 percent of borrowers rated the professionalism of the firm’s appraisers as excellent, very good, or good. That survey reflected the views of 115 borrowers who completed online surveys.
“Nationwide attracts the most professional, experienced appraisers because we provide them with the best platform in the mortgage industry, a dedicated support team as well as experienced in-house appraisers that understand the business and can work closely with our panel,” said Cari Burris, co-founder and director of operations and finance for Nationwide Appraisal Network. “Our approach has always been to develop a more efficient solution for vendors and clients. As a result, appraisers are happier working on our panel and it shows. Unhappy appraisers could not provide the quality of service that produces the high levels of customer satisfaction that we see on a regular basis.”