Guardian Mortgage Hosts Fundraisers for Texas PAC

Guardian Mortgage Hosts Fundraisers for Texas PAC

August 15, 2013

In July, Guardian Mortgage participated in TMB PAC’s Education Week, entitled The Race Is On. The joint effort between the Dallas-area mortgage lender and TMB PAC, which represents Texas mortgage lenders at the state and federal levels, was created to inform Guardian Mortgage employees about the important work of TMB PAC and offer support through a variety of fundraising efforts.
The main fundraising event Guardian Mortgage employees participated in was the “Cutest Pet Contest.” Through participation in the event, Guardian Mortgage raised $1,184.64 for TMB PAC, 18 percent higher than the $1,000 goal they had set for themselves. Fundraising efforts through other events will continue through August.
The funds being raised are going toward helping political representatives who can lead mortgage banking through the many challenges currently facing our industry. By working together, TMB PAC and Guardian Mortgage are looking to preserve mortgage bankers’ ability to successfully serve their clients in a changing housing market and regulatory environment.