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The President’s Corner: January 2013

Don Frommeyer
Jan 15, 2013

I hope that all of you had a great holiday season and are looking forward to making 2013 better than 2012. I feel like we have really accomplished a lot this year, and as I write this President’s Corner, I am really excited about this coming year, both for NAMB and for all of us as originators. As I look forward, I am reminded that in some circles of the mortgage arena, there is cautious optimism out there everywhere. We still have so many unanswered questions concerning the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), concerning the new Congress and Senate, and even what are rates going to do, what changes may be coming on FHA loan, and what about Fannie and Freddie? And the other items such as The Fiscal Cliff, the stock market, the bond market … whew! I sometimes wonder how we keep up with everything. Let me tell you … the answer is that the great people associated with NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals are on their toes. They look at all of this each and every day and they help us as a Board of Directors by making the decisions that allow us to keep you informed. I am so proud of these people, because they make my job easier. In the past, NAMB presidents were paid a stipend to serve as president because they took so much time away from their jobs. As I have been president since Nov. 10, 2011, I have put countless hours into this job, and as the day moves on, I continually try to juggle the day in and day out assignments from NAMB, to running my company. I have closed more loans personally this year than I have in the last three years. I still talk with every customer and I make sure that I am treated exactly like my originators … no special favors. And the best part of it is talking to my customers. I like the interaction and time spent to see them excited about what I have helped them do. And the reason for that is that the people at my office that do their job. People ... such a funny word that tells us that we are a group of human beings who band together to exist in an existence that is considered collectively or in a general group, to exist for the good of all … and that really describes employees and NAMB members. To exist for the good of all! I sincerely feel that I cannot say enough about the people that work each and every day for the success of NAMB. From my Board of Directors all the way across to the members that join to be part of their organization that represents what they do for a living. I thank all of you that are members and all of you that will become members and even those of you that aren’t members, because all of you are people of this association and you are what makes this such an incredible journey. Again … thank you! I hope that all of you will come to Washington, D.C. for the 2013 Annual Legislative & Regulatory Conference on March 10-12. We will be spending Monday being informed of what has transpired and what will be coming up on Capitol Hill in the next year. Speakers from the CFPB and other agencies will be on hand, updating you on their changes and other things that will be going on in the halls of Congress. There is going to be a large discussion on the qualified mortgage (QM), so come prepared to learn what could be in store for the industry. Please don’t wait to register because if you remember last year, we ran out of room at the host hotel. Please remember, you must be a member of NAMB in order to attend this Legislative Conference. If you would like to attend and are not a current member, log on to and join prior to registering for the event. Another item that is gaining some momentum is what we are doing in the membership program. We have initiated a program that will involve all of the account executives in the marketplace to go help get members. Now is the time to gather a great number of members to make sure that Washington understands that we are all together and are very important. Remember, NAMB represents and has always represented the mortgage professional since our inception in 1973. I am really looking forward to a great 2013 and moving forward with growing this association to what it was five years ago. Remember, if you are not a member, the question you need to ask yourself is WHY? We also are looking for people to get involved in committees to help us achieve these goals. We cannot do it without you, and you are important to us. Please become a member, and do it today. Sincerely, Don Frommeyer
Jan 15, 2013