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A Message From NAMB Communications Committee Chair Valerie Saunders

Valerie Saunders
Sep 16, 2013

As Communications Committee Chair of NAMB, I want to take this opportunity to stress the importance of staying in touch with your clientele. Whether you are a small business or a trade organization and your clientele is a past customer or a past member, the art of communication is a skill worth honing and keeping sharp. In this age of social networking, the Internet makes reaching out to your client database easier than ever before. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and e-mail blasts, there is no reason why information cannot be quickly shared and at minimal expense. However, remember when using e-mails for promotion that you abide by all federal laws such as the CAN-SPAM Act. If e-mail is your tool of choice, please make sure that it is clear that the message you are sending is a solicitation for marketing purposes. In addition, it is important to provide recipients with the ability to “Unsubscribe” from receiving further e-mail correspondence, if they so choose. Thank you for the opportunity to stress the importance of communication and shine a light on some important items to keep in mind when reaching out to your target audience through the worldwide Web. Valerie Saunders is NAMB Communications Committee Chair and 2013-2014 statewide president of the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals (FAMP). She may be reached by phone at (904) 992-0785 or e-mail
Sep 16, 2013