MortgageKeeper Partners With Centier Bank To Provide Community Services

MortgageKeeper Partners With Centier Bank To Provide Community Services

October 15, 2013

MortgageKeeper Referral Services announced an agreement with Centier Bank to help connect their customers and employees to high quality, well-vetted community services via MortgageKeeper’s MKDesktop and MKDirect products.
Centier Bank’s customer service representatives, bank employees, and bank customers will have Web-based access to MortgageKeeper’s nationwide database of 7,000+ best-in-class nonprofit and government services. MK applications allow the user to type in a ZIP code and choose from 20 service categories like “job training,” “prescription drug cost assistance,” and “utility payment assistance.” Centier’s customer service reps can also create customized local assistance summaries to help customers reduce their living expenses or find help to get through temporary challenges.
Current subscribers to this nationwide database connect their customers to more than 100,000 resources every month.
“This is the first time a subscriber has offered our services to their own employees, as well as to their customers,” said Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, president of MortgageKeeper. “With the MK platform, Centier has implemented a strategy that is customer-focused and solution-based. Centier has demonstrated their commitment to helping their customers and their employees find answers to financial hardships.”