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New Ideas to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

Jean LeBlanc
Nov 26, 2013

Are you looking to add more features to your direct marketing, to stand out in the mailbox, increase your conversions, or make tracking ROI easier? Here are a few ideas: PURLs PURLs are “Personal URLs” or landing pages built uniquely for each of your mail recipients. All of your PURLs in one mailer will probably have the same offer, but when recipients open their own PURL, it's unique for them. Let's say you incorporate PURLs into your VA IRRRLs mailer. Sgt. Jones receives your mailer and is intrigued by his PURL. So he visits his PURL, where he's greeted by name and with personalized information on the new loan that he's seeking. It offers options such as "Call Now" or "Fill out the form at right for a more accurate rate quote." You're capturing additional data which can then be fed to your salespeople to help you close more deals. Personalized QR Codes Personalized QR Codes take PURLs one step further: Instead of having a Web address to type in, it uses a QR Code created uniquely for each mail recipient. They simply scan the code and are taken straight to their unique landing page. For your prospects who have smartphones, this is infinitely easier. Just remember, though, that not all your recipients will have a smartphone, even today. PIN Numbers You can also incorporate a unique PIN Number in your mailer for each recipient. It's done automatically during the printing process, in conjunction with your log-in to your leads database. When the mailer recipient calls in to pursue the option of a new or refinance loan, the LO simply asks for their PIN Number. The LO is able to pull up all the info you have to-date on this prospect, so that they don't have to repeat steps getting their address, loan amount, type of loan, etc. It saves time and makes your LO look more professional. Toll-free tracking number Many printers will add a toll-free tracking number on your mail piece. Data gathered from your tracking number will capture their phone number, day and time of day they called, and other additional data you want tracked. Often it will also record the call for you, so that you and your staff can go back and listen to calls for training refinement purposes. These are particularly useful if you are testing a couple of offers before you commit to mailing to your entire list. Let's say you plan to mail an FHA streamline offer to a list of 10,000, but you can't decide whether to offer a free appraisal or $500 off closing costs (in your market, the cost is about the same). Your printer can create two versions of your mailer, each with a unique offer and a toll-free number, and mail 1,000 to one group and 1,000 to a second group of 1,000, and then check your results. Which offer worked better? Consider these added features, as they not only make your offer more attractive, but tracking results is easier, too! Jean LeBlanc is director of marketing for Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company. For more marketing tips, download the eBook, 13 Ways to Juice Up Your Marketing in 2013, by going to and clicking on the eBook offer midway down the page. She may be reached by phone at (914) 696-3400.
Nov 26, 2013