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Map Your Goals

Andy W. Harris
Dec 04, 2013

Last month, we talked about setting goals and the importance of having vision and self-motivation. This month is all about mapping your goals and actually laying out the visual plan. Let’s face it, the year is nearly half over, and before we know it, we’ll be facing 2014. How has your year shaped up so far? Are you where you want to be in growth in comparison to last year? Have you adapted to the purchase market and planned accordingly? Setting goals is vital for your business, but you must also map out what it will take to hit these goals specifically. Your vision will create the goal and your self-motivation will help you reach it. First, visualize the specific goal (not necessarily an easy one) and write it down on a piece of paper. Use pictures if you’d like also. Next, draw a windy road the length of the page down from the goal and at the bottom of the page write “Start.” As with anything of value, there are steps to take in order for achievement. Take time to think about what steps and actions must be taken daily and weekly in order to meet your final destination and mark those on the road to success in order toward your final goal. You can create these maps for one goal or several different goals. Keep your goal maps at your desk for reference at all times and carry a section for notes. Once you reach each milestone, make note of it until you meet that final destination. Track your progress and if you hit some speed bumps along the way or take unexpected detours that did not work out, just remember that the most important part is getting back on the road and stay on track for success. When you have finally met that goal, it’s time to celebrate. Don’t get too comfortable though, because it’s time now for a new goal and a new map. Never stop dreaming! Andy W. Harris, CRMS is president and owner of Lake Oswego, Ore.-based Vantage Mortgage Group Inc. and 2010-2011 president of the Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals. He may be reached by phone at (877) 496-0431, e-mail [email protected] or visit
Dec 04, 2013