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Increase Your Monthly Funding Volume With These Simple Steps

Joshua Conklin
Dec 04, 2013

How do I increase my conversion rate on the lead I purchase? This is the top question I am asked on a daily basis. So, I thought I would post directly to that question. These are common best practices and will be reiterated by any successful sales organization and lead provider. However, the difficulty is having the discipline (or the lead management system) to consistently enforce these best practices. Be informed Know what is going on. You need to know your market, your competitors, and what is causing people to have a need for your product(s). If you have a large number of products, educate yourself and simplify your presentation by segmenting products by potential consumer needs. In addition to understanding what you are selling, make sure you read and watch what is going on in the news. Consumers want to feel like there is a human on the other end of the sale. Read the front page, the sports pages, and the entertainment pages of the newspaper or your favorite news sources on the Web. People love to talk about the weather, so be sure you know what it is going on outside of your cubicle. Contact quickly Consumers, especially Internet consumers in this age of high-connectivity, expect an immediate response. Unfortunately, on the sell-side of the equation, consumers also expect to transact at their convenience. Consequently, you need to immediately respond to each new lead receipt with an immediate message to the consumer that you are attempting to contact them. This is easily done with an introductory e-mail and phone call (voice mail). This introduces your company, what you have to offer and your ability to meet their needs. Be diligent Although we all want to be one-call closers, this is simply not a reality. In fact, most consumers close somewhere between the fifth and 10th call. If you are only calling on those fresh leads each day—you are losing deals to the competitor. This happens for a variety of reasons: People are busy, their needs can be complex, their final decisions may require input from a spouse, etc. Ask questions and listen This seems intuitive, but how many times have you heard a salesperson so revved up on their canned pitch that they are talking past the potential customer. Make sure that you start with questions and a needs assessment and close with confirmations of these needs. This is guaranteed to increase your closings! Take applications An application and quote is free, so take applications and give them often. Consumers are looking for the price and commitment. Withholding the price so that “the customer doesn’t shop with me” is bunk. If you don’t tell them the deal they will get from you, they are guaranteed to go to the competitor. Consumers want convenience, not games. If you are still worried about shopping, use the application and quote process to build trust. Educate them on all of the tricks and hidden fees or gimmicks the competitor is going to pull, and when they do, they will run back to you and be a trusting customer and referral for life. The bottom line: Follow-up, don’t lose customers and satisfy needs As your pipeline gets larger, it gets harder and harder to manage this bottom line. That is why I generally recommend a managed pipeline of no larger than 100-150 leads. This ensures that you are able to contact every consumer in your pipeline at least once every 48 hours, assuming you are hitting my recommended call velocity of 60-80 calls per day. The management of the pipeline, call backs and annotating consumer needs all point to the need for a capable lead management strategy that keeps all of these best practices consistent, enforced and managed. Enjoy increased closings today! Joshua Conklin is an authority in the lead generation space. Joshua has more than 14 years of experience at developing strategic marketing platforms for the nation’s tops lenders and brokers nationwide. 
Dec 04, 2013