Mortgage certification focuses on consumers education

Mortgage certification focuses on consumers education

April 13, 2010

The Certified Mortgage Coach certification course was recently created as a joint venture between the CMPS Institute and Mortgage Coach to help loan originators stand out from their competition and make more effective sales presentations to clients, prospects, and referral partners. “This is the all-inclusive online training, testing, and software solution that the mortgage industry has been waiting for,” said Gibran Nicholas, chairman of the CMPS Institute, an organization that trains and certifies mortgage bankers and brokers.
The new Certified Mortgage Coach program is the mortgage industry’s latest solution to help homeowners and buyers better evaluate their mortgage options and make smart financial choices. “Today’s consumer does not want to be sold; they want to be educated,” said Nicholas.
CMPS Institute provides the training and testing, and Mortgage Coach provides the software and real-time market information to help mortgage professionals better educate their clients.
“Our goal is to help homeowners and buyers create more wealth by integrating the mortgage decision into their financial plan,” said Dave Savage, chief executive officer of Mortgage Coach, a technology and information services provider for the mortgage industry.
Certified Mortgage Coach Professionals are equipped with scripts, strategies, dialogue structures, and presentation structures to make suitable mortgage recommendations that clearly benefit homeowners and homebuyers.
“Certified Mortgage Coach empowers me to help my mortgage clients better understand the mortgage and housing markets, and thereby choose the right mortgage for their specific needs,” says Thea Druley in Fort Wayne, Ind., a recent graduate of the program. 
“All originators seem to be selling the same products with the same guidelines, and the industry is rife with confusion in light of new regulations and turbulent market conditions,” said Nicholas. “Certified Mortgage Coach Graduates are equipped to help their clients cut through the confusion and make informed financial decisions. A mortgage professional who dedicates the time and effort to properly educate themselves is much more qualified, committed, and equipped to serve the complex needs of today’s homeowners and buyers.”
“The mortgage is most people’s single largest debt, and their home is often their single largest asset,” said Savage. “A Certified Mortgage Coach is uniquely trained to indentify the challenges that consumers are facing, and clearly demonstrate solutions that motivate those consumers to take action.”
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