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Titan Lenders Selected by Halo to Retain Distressed Client Assets

Feb 05, 2014

Titan Lenders Corporation has announced that it has been selected by nationwide distressed asset firm Halo Companies Inc. to retain custody of documents and collateral related to distressed asset purchases for its clients. As such, Titan will take possession of the original assets purchased by a firm, image the related documents, research the assignments and ensure that the chain of title has been done correctly. Titan provides both short-term and long-term collateral/document custody services in its secure vault facility. In addition to providing secure physical custody, Titan also offers secure digital storage options via its proprietary Cerberyx platform and can image, index and review the files to ensure each file is complete and transfer-ready, if need be. “Most private investors—be they private equity firms, hedge funds, non-institutional investors, or what have you—don’t have the proper insurance or facilities to securely hold these assets, nor do they necessarily want to open themselves up to that liability," said Titan President Mary Kladde. “In many instances, the documents associated with these assets are simply stored in a file cabinet, where they could be easily lost or damaged. Obtaining a lost note affidavit is possible when this happens, but it’s also quite expensive.” “Firms would also have to hire additional staff to deal with the operational aspects of holding these documents," Kladde said. "Titan can provide the liability coverage and security, as well as the deep operational understanding needed to manage the documents, at a significantly lower cost.”
Feb 05, 2014