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United Guaranty Makes Enhancements to its Mortgage Insurance

Feb 06, 2014

United Guaranty has announced the introduction of a new first lien mortgage insurance (MI) master policy that strengthens customer relationships with a first-in-the-industry Policy Commitment Letter—specific to each lender—that clearly defines each party’s roles and responsibilities, adding certainty and flexibility. United Guaranty’s master policy has been approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and has been filed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Policy Commitment Letter—along with new Claims and Appeals guides—clearly spells out policies and practices governing underwriting, claims, and appeals. Future updates will be sent to the lender and automatically be merged into the Policy Commitment Letter to provide an enduring written record. The Policy Commitment Letter also provides additional flexibility to enable a lender and United Guaranty to agree to reflect operational changes—and provides an easy-to-reference, automatically updated record of those agreements. “With our master policy and Policy Commitment Letter, United Guaranty is leading the industry in providing a policy that goes beyond satisfying minimum requirements to provide a level of surety and transparency that lenders and mortgage investors prefer,” said Donna DeMaio, president and CEO of United Guaranty. “We’re getting great feedback from lenders who welcome the Policy Commitment Letter as a tool that defines the terms of our shared business relationship clearly and unambiguously.” All lenders are required to sign and execute the Policy Commitment Letter to insure loans on or after the July 1, 2014, effective date of the new master policy. When the new master policy becomes effective, the existing one will be canceled, and all new applications for insurance submitted to United Guaranty will be governed by the new master policy and Policy Commitment Letter, which do not affect loans that are insured under the current master policy.
Feb 06, 2014