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United Northern Mortgage Bankers Expands to West Coast

Feb 07, 2014

United Northern Mortgage Bankers Ltd. has announced that it is expanding to the West Coast. United Northern's President Don Giorgio and Vice President Heidi Frigano are proud to introduce their regional sales leader, Gregory Laks, who will be heading up United Northern's West Coast Division. Laks is a top-producing manager with high level experience at both RMS/Security 1 and MetLife Bank, NA and has more than 16 years in the field and 10 years specifically spent in the reverse mortgage arena. “Being a producing manager,” said Laks, “I have gained a fair share of knowledge on what tools are needed to continue to be successful. The market [has been until United Northern] missing a true hybrid model ... [as] companies are either self-generated or call center [based]. I have learned that top producers that help more people usually intertwine in a leads base with their self-generated production.”    
Feb 07, 2014