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NEB increases its number of background-checked financial professionals

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Mar 24, 2014

NEB increases its number of background-checked financial professionalsMortgagePress.comreal estate industry, Mortgage Brokers, real estate agents, real estate brokers

Move will help consumers avoid unethical sales practices
The National Ethics Bureau (NEB) has announced its entry into the real estate industry. NEB has begun admitting Mortgage Brokers, along with real estate agents and real estate brokers, into its membership.

To become members, real estate and mortgage professionals must pass a comprehensive, seven-year background check, as well as maintain NEB's membership standards. In return, they will have the right to use NEB's branding and communication tools to strengthen client relationships and increase revenue.

"The real estate industry is under stress due to the market downturn, credit crunch and sub-prime crisis," said Steven R. McCarty, NEB chair. "Unfortunately, this has increased unethical sales practices and outright fraud, especially in sub-prime mortgage applications. As a result, consumers today have less faith in then integrity of the real estate industry. By qualifying for NEB membership, real estate professionals can take a bold step to restore public confidence and lay the groundwork for future growth."

To qualify, real estate professionals must successfully pass NEB's Ethics Check System, an annual check for criminal, civil and business violations. They also must hold a valid Mortgage Broker, real estate agent or real estate broker license, as well as be up-to-date with their continuing education requirements.

"The National Ethics Bureau has been well received in the financial services world," said Jeffrey S. Kopitz, NEB president. "We hope to have a similar impact on the real estate business, helping consumers find a trustworthy real estate or mortgage professional in today's market environment."

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Mar 24, 2014