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SourcingPoint Solutions now offers PowerDOX in Spanish

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

SourcingPoint Solutions now offers PowerDOX in SpanishMortgagePress.comWeb and multimedia technology, Spanish-speaking clientele, stimulate referrals and repeat business

PowerDOX, the SourcingPoint Solutions program that combines document imaging with Web and multimedia technology to stimulate referrals and repeat business, is now available in Spanish.

According to Benjamin Millam, a SourcingPoint Solutions program specialist and one of the engineers of the PowerDOX Program, introduction of the new Spanish-language version of PowerDOX was a "proactive response" to an increasing demand from Spanish-speaking professionals seeking out opportunities to forge deeper relationships with their Spanish-speaking clientele.

"Our customers were telling us that a Spanish version of PowerDOX would really help them increase their level of service and build rapport with their Spanish-speaking clients," says Millam. "The whole point of the PowerDOX Program is to build relationships and make connections that will result in referrals or repeat business. The comfort level that comes from communicating in the same language goes a long way toward making those connections."

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Mar 24, 2014