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Sollen Technologies partners with Harland Financial Solutions

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

Sollen Technologies partners with Harland Financial Solutions MortgagePress.comSollen Technologies, Harland Financial Solutions, Interlinq E3

Sollen Technologies has entered into an alliance relationship with Harland Financial Solutions. Sollen's pricing engine will integrate with Harland Financial Solutions Web-based Interlinq E3 loan production platform, providing users with an added tool to ensure the quality of loan originations. The alliance allows loan originators using Interlinq E3 to find a product and price that meets the needs of their borrower within seconds. Harland Financial Solutions is a leading software and service provider to more than 7,000 financial institutions.

The integration of Sollen's Pricing Engine and Interlinq E3 will help the mortgage industry improve productivity while mitigating risk," said A.O. Clemons, president of compliance and risk management solutions at Harland Financial Solutions. "Mortgage providers may now more fully automate and integrate service providers into their business processes, providing critical business process management, integration and connectivity across the mortgage supply chain."

Through the use of XML and Web Services, Sollen's Pricing Engine and Harland Financial Solutions' Interlinq E3 can easily exchange data over the Internet in real time. Sollen's services for determining eligible loan products and their corresponding fully adjusted pricing are integrated into the Interlinq E3 workflow. This enables loan originators to spend time learning about the needs of the borrower rather than sifting through hundreds of pages of loan product guidelines and matrices. Subsequently, as more information is discovered about the borrower, the eligibility and pricing can be verified to ensure that the loan product or pricing is still a proper fit.

"As a result of the proven success from the customized integration for a mutual customer, Sollen and Harland Financial Solutions agreed to take this cooperation to the next level and to make integration available for all customers," said Michel Van Hee, CEO of Sollen Technologies. "This is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with Harland Financial Solutions and offer a product that will improve connectivity across the mortgage supply chain throughout the entire lifecycle of the loan. Our goal in the near future, is to include the integration of our services focused on a lenders secondary or lock desk personnel to help relieve margin pressures that are mounting in this volatile market."

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Mar 24, 2014