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DocuTech’s ConformX integrated into Del Mar DataTrac’s Core Banking System

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

DocuTech’s ConformX integrated into Del Mar DataTrac’s Core Banking SystemMortgagePress.comDocuTech Corporation, ConformX, compliant closing documents, loan management system, DataTrac

DocuTech Corporation, a provider of compliance services and documentation technology for the mortgage industry, has integrated ConformX, which generates compliant closing documents, into the DataTrac loan management system. Del Mar DataTrac provides solutions that empower small- and medium-sized mortgage bankers to deliver extraordinary customer service and drive up production while reducing risk, increasing productivity and streamlining their overall efficiency.

By embedding DocuTech's interface, lenders using DataTrac can now generate and print compliant mortgage disclosures and closing document packages in seconds.

"In today's tough market, lenders simply don't have the time to work with patchwork loan management systems that require multiple screens and desktop applications for file exporting," said Rob Katz, president of Del Mar DataTrac. "This new integration eliminates 'middle-tier' software, so that when a customer installs DataTrac, they are ready to work with DocuTechs ConformX."

This seamless integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and importing steps to get loan information into ConformX, improving the accuracy and speed of the transaction process. Del Mar DataTrac's platform ensures that each transaction originated in DataTrac is presented in its entirety to ConformX, enforcing data integrity in DataTrac, the lender's database of record, throughout the lifecycle of the loan. Once the documents have been generated, the interface also provides instant and direct feedback from DocuTech to DataTrac.

"DocuTech's seamless integration with DataTrac means we do not have to re-enter data," said Carrie Kaiser, closing manager at Scottsdale, Ariz.-based imortgage. "Instead, we can leverage the information that has already been entered into DataTrac, letting our closers focus on what they do--close loans--instead of data re-entry."

DocuTech is one of the most popular compliance and document generation services used by DataTrac customers today. "With so many existing common customers between our two companies, this integration should prove to be a highly popular add-on," continued Katz.

"DocuTech already has the most comprehensive integration built with DataTrac," said Ty Jenkins, chief executive officer of DocuTech. "If the data is in DataTrac, ConformX will print it on the document--this integration eliminates all data re-entry. Now, lenders can print documents faster and easier through DataTrac without sacrificing data quality and improving efficiency rates."

ConformX securely delivers printed paper, e-mail and Web-posting options from any Internet location around the world. Lenders can also customize business controls to meet state and federal requirements, enhance security, require high-cost loan checks and ensure that only the needed documents are printed.

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Mar 24, 2014