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Mortgage Modification Legal Network’s Temecula Seminar a Success

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Mar 24, 2014

Mortgage Modification Legal Network’s Temecula Seminar a Successtype author here..Mortgage Modification Legal Network, MMLN, Ryan Boyajian

On Jan. 20, Mortgage Modification Legal Network (MMLN) presented to a bustling auditorium full of homeowners eager for reliable loan modification information. Homeowners feeling the burden of debt in these economic hard times were eager for information as the LIVE question and answer section lasted over 45 minutes.

"With unemployment continuing to soar, we know that homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their mortgage payments. When a loan modification seems to be the best alternative we want them to be informed so they make the best decision for their family," comments Ryan Boyajian, president of Mortgage Modification Legal Network.

Mortgage Modification Legal Network provides education and loan counseling services and its seminar series is designed to reach homeowners directly in their neighborhoods. When they see an auditorium full of fellow residents, they realize they are not alone and the fear of financial crisis seems to lift with the hope of changing their loan.

"This seminar was extremely informative and I felt like all my questions were answered directly," commented Temecula resident, Lena Fooks. "Unlike others I didn't feel pressure so I would definitely recommend this seminar to all my friends and family."

MMLN services homeowners nationwide and places homeowners together with a network of attorneys that will advocate on their behalf to achieve the best possible loan adjustment for their budget.

"We know we can help, and we want to reach as many homeowners as possible. We are about education, outreach and counseling. This is a nationwide effort for us and we have an incredible bilingual team as well," concludes Boyajian.

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Mar 24, 2014