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FBC Mortgage leverages Optimal Blue’s technology to streamline operations

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

FBC Mortgage leverages Optimal Blue’s technology to streamline operations MortgagePress.comFBC Mortgage, Optimal Blue, product eligibility and pricing engine, Vinay Miglani

Optimal Blue, the award-winning developer of a comprehensive, Web-based platform that couples decisioning technology with content management for the mortgage industry, today announced that Florida-based FBC Mortgage LLC has immediately improved the locking process since implementing Optimal Blue's product eligibility and pricing engine (PPE) technology in August 2008.

Based on feedback from end users, FBC wanted to upgrade its PPE to a more accurate platform that would tightly integrate with its existing systems. As FBC began looking for a new PPE, they heard a lot of positive feedback in the market about Optimal Blue, which led to FBC executives contacting the company and ultimately selecting its PPE technology. Accuracy was the primary driver in selecting Optimal Blue, however, FBC executives also cited the systems ease of use, strong lock desk functionality and customizable, feature-driven functions as key reasons in their decision making process.

Vinay Miglani, secondary marketing manager with FBC Mortgage LLC, commented, "Switching to Optimal Blue had an immediate impact on our operations. By centralizing the lock process, we have improved our pull-thru ratios with investors and have become eligible for pricing incentives. Optimal Blue's system thus allowed us to increase profitability, which has promoted our growth in a challenging environment. The system makes it much easier for us to manage product and pricing information, and coupled with its virtually perfect accuracy, the investment has allowed us to see significant benefits, from improving margins to saving time."

With a centralized lock desk, Miglani also likes the customizable nature of Optimal Blue's system, as FBC can now customize each investor's product, as well as being able to manipulate delivery times and implement overlays.

"Having prior experience with another PPE was a huge advantage for FBC, as they knew exactly what they were looking for in a solution," said Larry Huff, co-CEO of Optimal Blue. "Our 99.99 percent accuracy rate has been the single biggest differentiator between our system and others in the market. While others tout their accuracy at is 99 percent, approximately 30 percent of our business came from competitors in 2008, and of those, most began looking at our system due to dissatisfaction with the accuracy of their prior PPE. Our ability to provide the most accurate, real-time pricing and guideline information gives us a tremendous competitive advantage and has been a primary driver in our ability to increase market share."

For more information, visit www.optimalblue.com.

Mar 24, 2014