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STRATMOR Adds Tim Ryan to Spearhead Customer Satisfaction
Jul 10, 2014

STRATMOR Group has hired Tim Ryan, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of mortgage banking experience. In his new role he will manage the company’s MortgageSAT borrower satisfaction survey offering as senior director, leading client sales, marketing and product enhancement. This service ensures the ability for mortgage lenders to have a scientific and objective approach to track customer satisfaction and take immediate action when problems are identified. Tim brings valuable expertise to MortgageSAT as he also served as the mortgage industry subject matter expert for J.D. Power & Associates’ borrower satisfaction survey program for top 10 lenders. “We are extremely fortunate to have found an executive with broad mortgage industry expertise who also understands customer satisfaction as it relates to our specific business,” said Garth Graham, managing director for STRATMOR Group. “We’ve spent the last year getting the MortgageSAT offering ready to meet the needs of our mortgage bank clients. Now, we’re ready for an executive who can take this to market and help the industry overcome what has become one of the most significant challenges of this decade. Tim is the right person for this job.” As senior director of mortgage studies at J.D. Power & Associates, Ryan developed and managed the mortgage and home equity research studies for both the origination and servicing disciplines. These studies annually ranked and analyzed national lenders in customer satisfaction. Previously, Ryan served as vice president at Fannie Mae and was a founding member of MISMO. “What became readily apparent to me at J.D. Power & Associates was that mortgage lenders do not have a reliable feedback mechanism in place for accurately managing customer satisfaction, and they need one,” Ryan said. “You may think you’re doing well in terms of customer satisfaction, but if you don’t measure, you can’t really know. Also, if a nearby competitor is doing better, the lender finds themself at a competitive disadvantage. Customer satisfaction cannot be measured in a vacuum; you need to know how you compare to peers. MortgageSAT is the only product on the market that provides this.”