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Quandis Tool Assists Law Firm With Military Search

Aug 01, 2014

Quandis Inc. announced that Scott Law Firm, which serves the default servicing industry, is actively utilizing its new military search name permutation functionality. Scott Law Firm can now more easily and efficiently identify active duty military borrowers in the Department of Defense (DoD) database to comply with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). "Checking the military status of borrowers holding mortgages is a responsibility that we at the law firm take very seriously," said Reginald P. Corley, managing attorney of Scott Law Firm PA "It is critical that our team perform accurate searches in the DoD database each and every time. Given the rapid scalability of Scott Law Firm systems, Quandis custom-configured searches for all name variations to be performed at every client-specific mandated milestone, ensuring compliance and quality service for our client base." The addition of Quandis' name permutation searches creates a comprehensive, advanced compliance solution that helps adhere to the SCRA by fully automating all aspects of DoD searches. Benefits of the automation include better, quicker and more accurate searches; increased employee productivity; and risk mitigation. "We are pleased to announce that Scott Law Firm is the first law firm in the nation that Quandis helped to automate the running of DoD search permutations of all alias last names," commented Scott Stoddard, CEO of Quandis. "They have been an outstanding group to work with on this exciting and innovative project." Quandis customized name permutation searches to meet Scott Law's specific client needs. The solution also integrates with Scott Law's case management system (CMS), CaseAware, seamlessly returning search findings back into the system along with the DoD's official military status report. As a result, significant time is saved and the potential for data re-entry errors is eliminated.
Aug 01, 2014