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Mortgage News Network, a New Concept in Financial Media, Set for Launch
Sep 30, 2014

NMP Media Corporation, the parent company of National Mortgage Professional Magazine, is proud to announce the opening of a new chapter in financial services media: Mortgage News Network, an online-exclusive video resource offering original programming for professionals in the residential mortgage and real estate finance industries. Beginning Monday, Oct. 13, Mortgage News Network will launch a lineup of educational and entertaining programs designed to provide viewers with the tools and strategies needed to grow their businesses. Unlike previous efforts by other media outlets to incorporate video into their offerings, Mortgage News Network will release a scheduled presentation of specific programming. The cornerstone of the new network is one of the most ambitious projects in today’s online media: The Housing Show, the first-ever weekly news magazine aimed at mortgage and real estate professionals. Hosted by Phil Hall, managing editor at National Mortgage Professional Magazine and a quarter-century veteran of the financial services media industry, The Housing Show will be broadcast every Friday and feature original interviews with the industry’s most respected business executives and innovative though leaders, along with colorful commentary on the trends and issue that shape the economy. In addition to The Housing Show, also being launched over the next few weeks in the Mortgage News Network lineup are: ►Master the Markets, with Barry Habib, CEO of MBS Highway (broadcast on Monday), reviewing key economic events and forecast industry trends; ►Grow Your Business, with Greg Frost, the mortgage industry’s first $1 billion originator (broadcast on Tuesday); ►The Mortgage Edge, with Rene Rodriguez, CEO of Volentum and founder/CEO of, featuring tips on generating mortgage and real estate leads through social media and search engine optimization (broadcast on Wednesday); and ►Compliance Matters, an overview of mortgage compliance topics featuring the executive team from Brokers Compliance Group (broadcast on Thursday). Additional programming will be announced in the near-future. “It is no longer possible to tell the story of the mortgage industry–or any industry, for that matter–simply in print,” said Joel M. Berman, president of NMP Media Corporation and the founder of Mortgage News Network. “Mortgage News Network achieves what has not been possible earlier, by bringing together the industry’s most invigorating leaders and visionaries into a solid, consistent schedule of programs that can be viewed on any platform, at any time of the day. We anticipate that Mortgage News Network will change how mortgage and real estate professionals view their industry, and we predict that this endeavor will finally bring about the long-anticipated migration of financial media to a robust online video platform.” For more information on Mortgage News Network and the sponsorship opportunities for weekly programs and custom videos, contact Joel Berman, CEO at (516) 409-5555, ext. 310 or e-mail [email protected]; or Beverly Bolnick, National Sales Manager at (516) 409-5555, ext. 316 or e-mail [email protected].
Sep 30, 2014
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