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Inlanta Features Speakers Doug Smith and Casey Cunningham for Annual Sales Conference
Sep 26, 2014

Inlanta Mortgage recently hosted its 10th Annual Sales Conference at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wis. The event featured educational and motivational sessions tailored for the loan production staff of Inlanta Mortgage. The two keynote speakers, XINNIX Founder and CEO Casey Cunningham and Doug Smith, were enthusiastically embraced by Inlanta staff members. This year marked the third year Smith presented at an Inlanta Mortgage sales conference. For this 10th annual event, Smith presented “In It to Win It’, a high energy presentation for loan officers serious about keeping their business strong during the traditionally slower times of the year. “In It to Win It” featured tips every originator can implement into his or her business, including expanding the scope of one’s business outside normal channels, disciplines that keep originators on track and working with your company’s support system to find mutual success. Smith is a 33-year industry professional, renowned speaker and author of Climbing the Ladder of Success and Green Zone Selling. “The key to greater success in this business isn’t knowing more, it’s doing more,” said Smith. “Most everyone knows what they should be doing, but for whatever reason, they aren’t doing it. Those loan originators who are truly ‘in it to win it’ are willing to do the things most others simply will not do.  That’s why they are thriving now and will do very well in the coming year.” Inlanta was also fortunate to welcome Cunningham as keynote speaker of the Conference. Cunningham addressed both originators and production support team members over the course of the two-day event. In a session designed specifically for loan originators, Cunningham focused the Inlanta team to their purchase market business. Cunningham drove home the need to identify action items and specific due dates that would assist them in achieving their long-term goals. Action items identified included making better use of testimonials, calling upon loyal referral sources for additional referral sources and embracing social media and direct mail. Cunningham further described some novel ways that loan originators can acquire purchase leads and detailed how successful loan originators measure and convert leads to raving fans and also retain them as lifelong customers. Throughout the course of the presentation, Cunningham reiterated the formula for success, “A few simple disciplines repeated daily.” “It was a privilege to be part of a great company that is dedicated to helping their employees grow. Inlanta is a great partner to XINNIX that embraces empowerment and education,” said Cunningham. During a later session, operations and production support staff were fortunate to partake in training with a different focus. In a session marked by laughter and team challenges, operations staff training focused on the power of communication. Cunningham, in her signature style, warmed up the Inlanta operations staff with humor and grace. Unaccustomed to the highly motivational and energetic sessions that loan officers frequent, the operations team at Inlanta was energized by Cunningham. Topics included in this session included identifying communication styles and tailoring communication styles to effectively communicate with co-workers, superiors and clients. Communication training also included a segment on listening skills—identifying negative listening habits and finding ways to avoid them. Cunningham went into extensive detail on email and telephone etiquette as well as how to resolve a customer’s concern or issue. “Our annual meeting is always a terrific opportunity to refocus our team on the fundamentals that never change, but we all need to remind ourselves of for a renewed energy and attention to execution," said Inlanta President Nichols DelTorto. "What was unique this year was the inclusion of our entire operations team so we improve our service both internally to each other and externally to our customers.” XINNIX and Inlanta Mortgage have been partners in mortgage education and sales training for more than two years. XINNIX is Inlanta’s source for both veteran originator training and new loan officer training. New originators at Inlanta Mortgage are enrolled frequently in the XINNIX Originator training, consisting of three segments. The new loan officer segment of XINNIX’s comprehensive originator training is referred to as Ground School. Ground school is a program in which prospective new loan officers become well versed in mortgage knowledge and guidelines and familiarized with the discipline required to be successful in the mortgage industry. Flight School, the next segment of training, is designed to help new loan officers clearly articulate mortgage solutions and communicate effectively during the mortgage process in an effort to create raving fans. Officer School is the third phase of the originator program that provides comprehensive lessons, tools and daily accountability that enable loan officers to effectively launch a business plan that leads to success. Inlanta’s senior leadership is committed to providing the support and training employees need to pursue excellence in their work and personal lives—a consistent theme of Cunningham’s presentations. Inlanta has a unique culture of close-nit caring employees who work to commit to help each other.         XINNIX Founder and CEO Casey Cunningham discusses the purchase market                       Doug Smith delivers his presentation, "In It to Win It" during the Inlanta Annual Sales Conference                         Inlanta Mortgage hosted its 10th Annual Sales Conference at the Milwaukee Art Museum