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PMAC Implements ISGN's Tempo Platform
Aug 12, 2014

ISGN Corporation (ISGN) announced that PMAC Lending Services Inc. has implemented ISGN’s Web-based, end-to-end default management platform, Tempo. In addition to its successful retail and wholesale channels, the fully approved Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae seller-servicer recently launched correspondent and mini-correspondent lending channels. To better support these new ventures, PMAC was in need of a default management solution to cost-effectively navigate markets that are subject to higher delinquencies. Furthermore, the lender recently expanded its footprint into new markets along the East Coast and expects its growth to continue, making it necessary to find a platform to assist in managing its loans with the ability to handle the rapidly changing industry regulations at a lower cost. With ISGN’s Tempo, PMAC now has complete insight into their growing loan portfolio. The platform combines automation and vendor management functionality so as to increase productivity while helping to reduce errors and mitigate risk when processing defaulted loans. Tempo offers dynamic, real-time work queues and reportable communication to help all involved parties quickly and efficiently fulfill required steps to complete a loan. The system’s loan status reporting dashboard also provides institutions like PMAC a quick and clear picture on how the default life cycle is progressing and the ability to change timeline and reporting inputs as needed. “While the height of the mortgage crisis is behind us, delinquencies will continue to exist, making it necessary to find solutions to better manage delinquent loans without exhausting our overheard costs and resources,” said Martin Bonanno, senior vice president of Servicing Operations for PMAC. “ISGN’s Tempo delivers just that in a reliable platform that flows naturally with the foreclosure waterfall. Our staff has completely embraced the platform’s simplicity and ease of use.” Bonanno continued, “Not only are we impressed with Tempo’s capabilities, but we consider ISGN a strategic partner as the company helps us thrive in today’s complex lending environment. It is clear the company designs their solutions with the end-user in mind.” “The housing market is finally reaching stability, however, maintaining profitability will continue to be an ongoing challenge as the industry faces compression on servicing revenue and increased compliance costs,” said Paul Imura, CMO of ISGN. “We are focused on building innovative, game-changing technology solutions like Tempo to drive competitive advantages in the market. We’re pleased PMAC Lending Services has become a key strategic partner in re-engineering mortgage default management process going forward. The best time to invest in change is when you are in growth mode.”
Aug 12, 2014
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