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HomeBridge Expands Across California With Eight New Additions

Aug 06, 2014

HomeBridge Financial Services Inc. continues to grow throughout California with the addition of local mortgage industry experts in San Diego, Irvine, Los Angeles, Fresno and its newest Northern California branch in Stockton, Calif. HomeBridge’s dedicated focus on customer service, combined with the flexibility and stability it offers as a well capitalized national mortgage lender, has helped it to become one of the fastest growing independent mortgage providers in the country. During the last 25 years, HomeBridge has grown from its home state of New Jersey to more than 90 offices nationwide, including additional California branches in Carlsbad, Riverside and Roseville. A major factor in HomeBridge’s success has been its decision to offer a wide variety of mortgage solutions tailored to the unique needs of different markets across the country. HomeBridge’s diverse array of mortgage products also includes a suite of renovation lending options, which are quickly coming into favor on the West Coast as the current inventory of homes in the region begins to show signs of age. New mortgage loan originators joining HomeBridge in California include: ►Carolyn Ente’: Stockton, Calif. ►Celina Toscano: Los Angeles, Calif. ►Hratch Kirikian: Los Angeles, Calif. ►Kim Stromberg: San Diego, Calif. ►Linda Holman: Fresno, Calif. ►Michael Gilmore: Fresno, Calif. ►Valentino Kim: Los Angeles, Calif. ►Yvonne Ybarra: Irvine, Calif. “HomeBridge strives to simplify the mortgage process for everyone involved and that starts with the dedication to customer service our associates have at the local branch level. In each office, our local mortgage experts have an intimate understanding of the needs of the borrowers and industry professionals in their area, and are able to leverage HomeBridge’s deep pool of resources for the unique needs of each customer,” said Tim Owens, Homebridge's western regional vice president.
Aug 06, 2014