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GSF Mortgage Welcomes New Reverse Mortgage Team in Colorado
Nov 10, 2014

GSF Mortgage has announced the addition of Jon Gordon as branch manager in GSF's Colorado Springs, Colo. location. Gordon brings more than 12 years of experience with him to GSF, with a focus solely on reverse mortgages. Gordon started out working at his father’s seafood restaurant immediately out of high school. In 1987, he bought the business and ran it until 2002, when he decided to exit the restaurant industry. Since he had built a lot of relationships and had a lot of contacts, his friend offered to teach him about the mortgage industry.

In 2006, Gordon bought into the company that he was working for as a co-owner. Looking for ways to survive during the real estate market crash, the company agreed to solely focus on reverse mortgages.

Gordon spends one-on-one time with his customers. He understands that with the reverse mortgage clientele, you have to be honest upfront and know your product. He also finds it beneficial to loop the family members of seniors into the conversations right away to build trust and explain to everyone how the product will be beneficial.

“There is a different dynamic when working with this group, you have to make sure to give them time to make a decision. You have to break down the communication so they fully understand the benefits,” said Gordon.

Gordon is currently licensed in Colorado and Florida. He plans to get licensed in Texas and other states that rank low in competition for reverse mortgages. He is also looking to hire reverse mortgage specialists.

“I am pleased to welcome Jon to our GoGSF family. He brings an entrepreneurial sprit and a drive to educate both his mortgage loan originators and clients. He knows what it takes to survive and has a great business model in place for him and his team,” said GSF Mortgage National Sales Director Mike Maida.

Joining Gordon’s team as mortgage loan originators are Nelson Locke, Keith Miller and Keith Torgersen, and Josephine Fernandez will join as their processor.

Nov 10, 2014
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