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NAMB Announces New Legislative Action Fund

John G. Stevens
Dec 19, 2014

NAMB’s Government Affairs team continues to fight for the interests of consumers and mortgage professionals by exhausting every possible avenue to make improvements to rules and regulations that are negatively impacting our industry and our customers.

With the launch of this new initiative, NAMB is asking for your help to bolster the Association’s Government Affairs activities and ensure that NAMB maintains its stature and position in Washington, D.C. as the national voice of the mortgage professional.

►What is it?
The NAMB Legislative Action Fund (“LAF”). A new initiative to help bolster and direct additional financial support to NAMB’s Government Affairs activities. The NAMB Board decided to launch the LAF in response to many requests from mortgage professionals across the country looking for a way to help directly support NAMB’s Government Affairs efforts.

►How is the LAF different from NAMBPAC?
NAMBPAC is NAMB’s Political Action Committee. Contributions to NAMBPAC are used to directly support the election of members of Congress who support a strong mortgage market, fair competition and meaningful consumer protection. Unlike NAMBPAC, where only personal funds can be contributed, both personal and corporate funds may be used when contributing to the LAF. Additionally, there are no limits on the amount that anyone can contribute to the LAF.

►How will NAMB use funds contributed to the LAF?
Contributions to the NAMB LAF will provide much-needed additional financial support for NAMB’s Government Affairs efforts. These contributions will not be used to contribute to political campaigns. If you are an NAMB member and would like your contribution to be used to help a political campaign, you will need to contribute to NAMBPAC.


►Why should you contribute to the LAF?
NAMB remains the recognized and respected voice of mortgage professionals in Washington, D.C. NAMB is the only national organization specifically looking out for the unique needs and interests of small business mortgage professionals and the consumers we serve. The federal government has assumed unprecedented regulatory oversight of our profession, and both Congress and the CFPB continue to have a huge impact on our businesses. NAMB must double-down on our Government Affairs efforts to maintain our critical seat at the table and continue fighting to protect our businesses and our consumers. Millions of dollars are spent by countless organizations working against you and your interests. NAMB needs your support to make sure we can remain effective and continue to help you and your business succeed.

How can you contribute?
Make a one-time or monthly recurring credit card contribution today by clicking here.


John Stevens, CRMS is a member of the Board of Directors of NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals. He may be reached by phone at (801) 427-7111 or e-mail [email protected].

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