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Altisource Re-Brands
Sep 18, 2015
Altisource Logo

Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA has introduced new brand positioning: "Your One Source." The brand underscores Altisource’s ability to provide a comprehensive product set that addresses the fragmented, complex and often outdated mortgage and real estate marketplaces. Altisource is delivering critical innovations, automation and compliance-focused solutions built on a multi-year track record of results for banks, mortgage servicers, mortgage originators, real estate buyers and sellers and other marketplace participants.  

“Over the past several years, Altisource has assembled and cultivated a portfolio of businesses that are propelling improvements in the mortgage and real estate marketplaces,” said Barbara L. Goose, chief marketing officer for Altisource. “Altisource has created a 9,000 person strong, global company rooted in compliance, innovation, service and, most importantly, delivering solutions that address the challenges our customers and partners face.”

Altisource has consistently found ways to ease pain points in the inefficient mortgage and real estate marketplaces with solutions that address many of the elements of the homebuying, selling, lending, investment and maintenance lifecycle. It is delivering innovation and results for customers in a number of key areas:

Online real estate: Altisource is executing on its vision to establish new and more efficient ways for home buyers and sellers to purchase and sell homes online through its platform. Now a top 10 nationwide brokerage, featured $11.5 billion in self-directed home listings in 2014 and has helped over 400,000 consumers buy and sell homes and save nearly $2 billion in selling expenses as compared to the traditional broker model.

Mortgage originations: Altisource is playing a major role supporting the mortgage origination market and driving efficiency and compliance through its mortgage marketplace and solutions. Lenders One members originated approximately $200 billion in mortgages in 2014, representing 18 percent of the U.S. mortgage market for the year, and Lenders One’s revenue generating and cost savings programs have helped its members increase their earnings by over $100 million in the past 15 years. Altisource saw a 20 percent increase in loan volume closed through its Architect loan origination software in the first half of 2015 compared to the same period in the prior year. Architect is part of Altisource’s Mortgage Builder platform, which achieved TRID-ready status in June 2015.

Servicer-related services (default): Altisource is providing technology and processes to efficiently and effectively manage distressed properties. Altisource has also developed a program to renovate distressed homes to improve neighborhoods and increase sale proceeds. Altisource is helping major banks and institutions meet their asset management needs—with more than 25,000 REO properties sold, 500,000 home valuations performed and 2.5 million property inspections completed per year. Leveraging Hubzu, Altisource’s online real estate sales and auction platform, Altisource has sold more than 130,000 homes.

“We’re heading into 2016 with strong momentum and a clear vision,” said Goose. “Our new branding weaves a common thread throughout our diverse but related businesses, communicating a unified and forward-looking message to our customers. Our goal is to keep pushing for progress in the mortgage and real estate marketplaces and to be the go-to source where customers can get the help they need to compete and win.” 

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