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New Pronto App From Alterra Brings Transparency to Mortgage Process
Oct 19, 2016
Las-Vegas based mortgage bank Alterra Home Loans is moving toward major growth, with a significant expansion in its office headquarters and expansion into several new states

Alterra has launched Pronto by Alterra Home Loans, a new app that will reduce the friction and yield transparency in the mortgage application process by allowing borrowers to connect seamless documentation and manage communications, right from their mobile phone.

"Here at Alterra we are constantly seeking a better way to do things. Innovation is a part of every conversation," said Jason Madiedo, president and chief executive officer of Alterra. “Our goal is to continue to serve our borrowers by reducing the friction points in the process and greatly improve their experience."

Powered by StreamLoan, Pronto by Alterra Home Loans works to streamline many of the processes involved in applying for a mortgage. Borrowers can use the app to keep documentation organized, automate application procedures and collaborate in real-time with their real estate team. Real estate agents can use the app to manage deadlines, reduce manual information collection and stay updated in real-time on client’s mortgage application status.

“Homeownership is potentially one of the most rewarding events in American’s lives, but there is so much friction that gets in the way for homebuyers,” said Stephen Bulfer, chief executive officer and co-founder of StreamLoan. “StreamLoan is re-imagining the home purchase process and redefining the customer experience for the borrower and all associated professionals to be enjoyable, fast, simple and mobile. It’s incredible to partner with such an innovative thought leader in the industry as Alterra to bring these new experiences for homebuyers to life.”

Pronto by Alterra Home Loans is available as an iOS app, Android app and also as a desktop platform.

Oct 19, 2016
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