Indecomm’s IncomeGenius Now Available Via Encompass

February 23, 2017
LRES has announced that Paul Bush has been promoted to its vice president of technology
Indecomm Global Services has announced the rebranding of its Web-based income analysis platform as “IncomeGenius.”Indecomm Global Services has announced that its income calculation and analysis platform, IncomeGenius, is now available through Ellie Mae’s Encompass all-in-one mortgage management solution. The seamless integration allows lenders to perform an income analysis with IncomeGenius directly through Encompass to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process.
IncomeGenius is a Web-based SaaS solution that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate the income calculation process. The integration of documents and data from Encompass to IncomeGenius is an effective way for clients to improve their underwriting process. It simplifies the task of calculating income for borrowers and highlights problem areas requiring the underwriter’s attention. Lenders see a dramatic improvement in efficiency, especially with those that include tax returns. This replaces traditional Excel calculations and macros, resulting in significant time savings for underwriters, and boosts their throughput with more loans processed in a day.
Ellie Mae is a provider of innovative on-demand software solutions and services for the residential mortgage industry. Ellie Mae’s Encompass all-in-one mortgage management solution provides one system of record that enables banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders to originate and fund mortgages and improve compliance, loan quality and efficiency.
“Indecomm Global Services is delighted to partner with Ellie Mae,” said Rajan Nair, CEO of Financial Services, Indecomm Global Services. “Our secure, seamless integration with Encompass enables our clients to simplify the process of ordering an income calculation through IncomeGenius, so they can more efficiently process mortgage loans and grow their business. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Ellie Mae.”