Bank Offers Mortgages to Immigrants Without U.S. Credit History

April 26, 2017
San Francisco-based Bank of the West has expanded its mortgage program to international clients who have no U.S. credit history, but meet employment and financial requirements for a home loan.
The bank’s Global Mobility platform is being offered with a team of multilingual specialists trained in meeting what is described as “international clients’ unique needs. Thierry Gabadou, head of international banking at Bank of the West, noted that many immigrants often face high costs of living that become exacerbated by an inability to access credit.
“At Bank of the West we are focused on our clients and their ever-evolving needs,” said Gabadou. “Our local presence combined with our global capabilities, through our parent company BNP Paribas, positions Bank of the West in a prime spot to help those, coming from abroad, who are looking to settle and establish credit here in the U.S.”