RealKey Launches New Mortgage App

November 16, 2017
RealKey has launched its universal mortgage and real estate automation software
RealKey has launched its universal mortgage and real estate automation software, designed to bring mortgage processing and homebuying into the modern era. RealKey Founder and CEO Christopher Hussain and Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Will Hanson have teamed up to offer mortgage and real estate professionals the technology tools they need to more efficiently work through the buying and lending process.
“Traditional mortgage applications are like a terrible game of Tag, telephone calls, passing notes from borrower, to banker/originator, to processor, to underwriter and back,” said Hussain. “Shopping for a mortgage can be equally cumbersome, requiring duplicate credit inquiries and sending documentation multiple times to each lender. My vision is to create a universally accepted application for buying a home and getting a mortgage.”
“With layer upon layer of regulations, underwriting requirements, and cumbersome bank processes, the mortgage application and approval process is slow, tiresome, riddled with errors, and frustrating to everyone involved, especially customers,” said Hanson.
RealKey breaks down these barriers, allowing all participants in the process to connect in real-time and have one single application that can be accepted by any mortgage lender, ensuring that loans are completed faster and with fewer errors.