Global DMS Launches Commercial Lending Valuation Management Platform

Global DMS Launches Commercial Lending Valuation Management Platform

February 13, 2018
Global DMS has launched EVO-Commercial (EVO-C)
Global DMS has launched EVO-Commercial (EVO-C), a 100 percent configurable platform that is fully customizable, quick and easy to implement, eliminating numerous steps in the workflow process, lowering system maintenance costs and empowering end-users as well as management teams.
“EVO-C solves a number of major pain points and challenges that have been ailing the commercial lending space for years,” said Vladimir Bien-Aime, President and Chief Executive Officer at Global DMS. “Commercial lenders have grown accustomed to dealing with manual processes or limitations of outdated, inflexible technology that prevents them from optimizing their valuation processes. The feedback we have received from commercial lenders thus far is that EVO-C eclipses and outperforms the current solutions which they are continually burdened with.”
The EVO-C platform delivers immediate ROI to lender clients by reducing the cost to acquire, manage and review collateral valuations reports. The solution creates a competitive bidding environment where vendors are encouraged to focus on quality, communication, cost and turnaround time. Managers are easily able to monitor their pipelines in real-time for overall performance to drive down costs, remove road-blocks and create a positive experience for their customers.
Key EVO-C benefits include: Implementations can be completed in just days or weeks, not months; EVO-C is so intuitive and easy to understand that minimal training is required; completely workflow-driven powered by a highly configurable business rules engine that does not require development or IT resources to update; detailed custom reports can easily be created by business users and dynamically output on an ad hoc basis for management; and drag and drop capability allows for multiple large files to swiftly be transferred and auto-populated, saving immeasurable amounts of time.
“We spent a great deal of time working closely with lenders to perfect a breakthrough platform that is loaded with features and functionality, which commercial lenders have never seen before,” said Michael Quaranto, Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President of Technology at Global DMS. “EVO-C was engineered to be hands down the most flexible, configurable and extensible commercial lending valuation management platform available on the market. We are extremely excited to demonstrate the jaw-dropping power EVO-C offers.”