TMS Closes Two MSR Transactions

TMS Closes Two MSR Transactions

September 17, 2018
TMS has announced that it recently acquired its first eNote
TMS has announced it has successfully completed two major mortgage-servicing right (MSR) transactions and plans to buy more, as it continues to rapidly grow its $30 billion portfolio.
The purchases kick off TMS’s new push to acquire and finance MSRs due to the continued growth of its industry-leading subservicing platform SIME (Servicing Intelligence Made Easy), and its ability to seamlessly and efficiently transfer rights.
With only a handful of eligible Ginnie Mae MSR buyers in the market, TMS is actively searching for strategic MSR opportunities that are around the $1 billion mark. TMS also offers special pricing to companies who are already correspondent sellers or who have recently started a subservicing relationship with TMS.
“Our decision to now buy and finance MSR transactions is the perfect next step for TMS as we take SIME to a whole new level,” said TMS President Ali Vafai. “Sellers no longer have to be afraid of their borrowers getting lost or upset in the selling process. With SIME, we can manage the asset better than anyone else and ensure a smooth transition.”