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National Mortgage Professional Magazine Presents Top Mortgage Employers
Oct 05, 2018

National Mortgage Professional Magazine is proud to announce its annual list of Top Mortgage Employers. We polled our readers about their employers based on the following criteria: Compensation, Speed, Marketing support, Technology, Corporate culture, Long-term strategy, Day-to-day management, Internal communications, Training resources, Industry participation and Innovation.
Based the above criteria, we weighted factors that are more important to our readers (i.e. our readers told us that factors like corporate culture was considerably more important to them than speed of company), collected votes and factored in industry reputation to create a list of the Top Mortgage Employers.

Mortgage Lenders: National (More Than 500 MLOs)
(800) 660-8664
Professionals who want to build relationships and develop and share their strengths, both personally and professionally.
(714) 831-4000
At AFN, we are dedicated to making every loan a relationship that will last a lifetime.
(916) 960-1325

Originators that make it their personal mission to deliver the best possible loan experience and solutions to their borrower.
(800) 401-6587

Producers at Caliber who value a company that rewards them every day–both financially and culturally–excel here.
(855) 561-4944

The hard-working, forward-thinking and big-dreaming professional.
(866) 453-2400

Motivated and driven individuals who strive for excellence in their careers and accelerate in an innovative and inspiring environment.
(925) 983-3000

People excel when they put the customer first. #ECETNENE … Every Customer, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses.
(800) 945-7700

Talented people whose end goal is to craft financial solutions custom-fitted to each customer’s needs.
(877) 406-8109

Gateway employees are hard-working individuals, dedicated to a strong customer experience.
(866) 934-7283

Loan Originators working within a POD model, which allows them to focus on sales and exponentially boost production.
(877) 314-1499

Employees that value our community-drive environment and have a passion for loving people will excel at Movement Mortgage.
(800) 450-2010

Those who work hard, go the extra mile, and have a strong desire to succeed, will reach their full potential.

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc. (PRMG) has announced the launch of its PRMG Plus Down Payment Protection
(951) 278-0000

Motivated individuals who want to be progressively BETTER, as demonstrated through their actions and willingness to adapt to the landscape.

Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. (PRMI) has added Senior Loan Officer Jack Ellison to its Guilford, Conn. office. Ellison has more than 18 years of financial and mortgage industry
(800) 255-2792

Motivated, focused and self-starter individuals driven to accomplish more and excel in providing a positive and personal experience.
(800) 317-7463

Top performers up to the challenge of being surrounded by the best and discovering how good they can really become.
(844) 542-5626

Our top originators are self-starters who are empowered to provide superior customer service with a unique personal touch.
(866) 867-0330

Team members who are driven to build a business that focuses on growing happiness.

Mortgage Lenders: Regional (Up to 500 MLOs)
(615) 859-5537

Team-oriented employees who enjoy working to make the dream of homeownership a reality while delivering excellent customer service.
(702) 255-5783

More than 30 percent of our team are true thought leaders at various levels in state and trade associations.
(844) 825-1081

Top originators who are driven to excellence in customer experience.
(703) 592-6235

Originators know nothing is more valuable than the relationships they build, at ACM, originators see the face of a future partner/friend.
(952) 905-5000

People whose interactions show they support our core values: Family atmosphere, unequaled personal service and giving back to the community.
(866) 461-7101

Hard-working individuals who enjoy in fast-paced environments and thrive on success-based compensation and rewards excel at Castle & Cooke Mortgage.
(215) 469-1000

Employees who are motivated, self starters with a passion for excellence and a customer-focused mentality.
(866) 599-5510

Talented, commitment and professional individuals, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service through each stage of the loan process.
(407) 869-0008

Entrepreneurial, forward-thinking individuals who are nimble and well-connected within the industry.
(206) 596-4800

We work well as a team to make sure that the member experience is nothing short of exceptional.
(314) 434-7000

Knowledgeable Mortgage Loan Originators that can convey proper expectations to clients and trust the office support to handle the rest.

Embrace Home Loans has announced the launch of beyond, the company's new mortgage program designed to help more borrowers achieve their homeownership
(800) 333-3004

Individuals who realize that a remarkable, exceptional customer service experience is key to success in this industry excels at Embrace.
(281) 693-5363

Individuals who value a family atmosphere with the technology and processes of a cutting-edge organization.
(877) 232-2461

Mortgage individuals who are driven to make a difference in borrower's lives see their careers excel at Envoy.
(877) 255-3554

Mortgage loan professionals who are focused on helping customers on their loan journey.
(800) 270-7082

Service-driven individuals who are passionate about helping to improve the lives of families in the modern technology era.

(732) 505-4600
Loan Originators who are given the tools and resources needed to build their business and get loans closed on time.
(888) 522-2100

Employees who make the most of a high level of autonomy and decision-making authority.
(855) 532-2047

Dedicated professionals who excel in a culture that both encourages independence and is family-centric.
(949) 535-1998

Success at FDL comes from being highly empathetic; working directly with customers to find solutions that lead to financial security.
(800) 867-6859

Every employee has the capability of excelling by setting goals and keeping lines of communication open throughout the lending process.
(512) 930-7888

Highly-productive go-getters who are given the tools they need to be successful, while embracing our pillars of "Opportunity, Service & Innovation" in a family atmosphere.
(800) 527-5910

Individuals with lots of hunger that have a good character. Originators that are obsessed with taking care of a client.
(888) 391-8237

All employees excel at this company. We have a designated trainer to help all those coming on board.
(727) 372-8059

Those who are in this business for the long haul and want to get to the next level of expertise.
(888) 403-8843

Mortgage professionals committed to closing every loan on time … ALL the time.
(800) 239-9109

Everyone can. The company provides the support and the autonomy to be the professional that you want to be.

(847) 296-5757
Loan Officers who know their best years are ahead of them and who are excited to get there.
(503) 597-5702

PEOPLE excel at this company. Every department is critical to the others success. We are "People Powered Mortgages.”

(866) 670-2018
Referral-based top producers excel at McLean Mortgage. One-third of our sales force placed in the top one percent nationally.

(800) 964-5363
Conscientious, hard-working employees who consistently go the extra mile to provide uniquely personalized service to their clients and colleagues.

(800) 700-5839
Customer-focused problem-solvers who understand using technology as means to assist human interaction in achieving Raving Fans service.

(817) 601-9010
Producers that need the right balance between technology/touch, are committed to excellence, and like to have fun grow here.
(913) 387-5865

High-energy, driven professionals driven to achieve award-winning success, while truly making a difference in lives of our customers.

(719) 447-0325
Individuals committed to blending the human experience with the loan buying process.

(888) 793-6470
Top Originators who play an active role in their communities and build strong personal brands that compliments the company's values.

(877) 816-1220
Career-focused individuals who treat others how they want to be treated in return.

(630) 225-8517
Driven and proactive individuals who enjoy providing exceptional customer service to those who are going through the mortgage lending process.

(888) 673-5521
Make your job as big as you can—contribute, add value, achieve!

(860) 676-8003
Originators wishing to close loans quickly with a full product lineup and individualized support.

(713) 275-1357
Competitive originators that have the desire to custom build their P&L, pipeline and branch exactly as they want.

(856) 988-8100
Team-oriented individuals … everyone works towards the common goal of closing loans!

(866) 667-3279
Those who take pride in being the BEST, move FAST, collaborate and innovate reach new heights at On Q.

(877) 706-5856
Individuals who value integrity and transparency, feel empowered to innovate and strive for greatness.

(866) 882-8187
MLOs seeking business growth through great pricing, cutting-edge secondary marketing technology, in-house marketing, and best-in-class underwriting and fulfillment.

(972) 537-0600
Entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to grow their business with access to industry leading operations support and technology.

(919) 303-1225
Individuals that take advantage of the many benefits that Prime Mortgage Lending offers are highly successful.

(888) 593-1092
We’re seasoned mortgage professionals who actively share best practices to help each other succeed in any market!

(781) 742-6500
Employee Satisfaction=Customer Satisfaction. How do we know? Well, we ask them with our cool app called myradiusGO.

(860) 432-5858
Talented individuals that are dedicated to providing superior customer service in a fast-paced work environment.

(260) 999-6200
When we all work together for a common good, to help fulfill the dream of home ownership, we all excel.

(732) 549-7001
Motivated mortgage professionals who are willing to adapt to technology.

(800) 321-8129
Shamrock Financial was born to inspire talented people in helping lower the cost of homeownership in communities throughout New England.

(770) 279-0222
Driven individuals in both sales and operations, that need a company with the tools and support to achieve their goals.

(888) 637-1321
Results-driven individuals who want to make the mortgage process fun, fast and enjoyable.

(516) 520-5700
An individual who is goal-oriented and who enjoys working in a team-oriented culture will excel here at United Northern Mortgage Bankers.

(586) 783-7900
Tenured, purchase-driven Loan Originators with a strong history of serving the client needs of military veterans, Realtors and builders.

(801) 639-0900
Employee-empowered organization committed to providing the best possible customer experience through technology and communication.

(800) 280-8655
Top Mortgage Originators who are driven to excel.

(425) 576-5462
Top Originators who are focused on working and developing purchase business with Realtors and borrowers.
Service Providers
ACES Risk Management (ARMCO) has announced the launch of Fraud Case Manager, technology designed for managing and analyzing fraud investigations
(800) 858-1598
Self-motivated, enthusiastic team players who make improvements in the day-to-day work lives of ARMCO employees and clients.

(866) 333-8311
Class Appraisal is a leading AMC that promotes team collaboration and produces innovative technology to streamline the appraisal process.

(800) 258-3488
Individuals committed to their professional growth and contributing for the betterment of customers and the company excel at Credit Plus.

(800) 649-1362
Employees who thrive at DocMagic are smart, tech-savvy, highly-motivated, service-oriented and take GREAT pride in what they do.

(732) 404-0081
People who believe in the organization's values and vision, who approach their roles and responsibilities with an entrepreneurial can-do spirit.

(619) 543-5111
One hundred percent team players, always collaborating; helping each other out. Laser-focused on always providing excellence in lender client support.

(561) 655-6418
Put simply, employees that have vendor and lender experience, and have the discipline to work autonomously (often remotely) without supervision.

(949) 525-9000
Quandis has rigorous hiring standards, recruiting those ideal-fit people who are very smart, and can work hard and play hard!

(866) 970-3863
Employees who excel at RoundPoint are people-centric individuals who are empowered and driven to provide the best customer experience possible.

(866) 376-5540
TagQuest gives fantastic training and truly wants you to succeed as an individual.

Wholesale Lenders
(855) 539-4910
Driven professionals with unparalleled dedication to the customer 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.

(949) 900-6630
Top performers at Citadel Servicing Corporation possess an entrepreneurial spirit and display entrepreneurial attitude in their work.

(949) 390-2688
Smart people with entrepreneurial attitudes dedicated to teamwork and providing superior client service.

(949) 270-7900
Goal-oriented associates driven to provide excellent service and mortgage products.

(858) 346-1208
Plaza Home Mortgage Inc. has earned a well-deserved reputation as an esteemed industry leader.

(732) 738-7100
Customer service-oriented individuals with the common goal to close loans will always succeed at REMN.

(800) 981-8898
Driven, coachable professionals who demonstrate a strong work ethic and positive attitude, and are committed to delivering great client service.

Oct 05, 2018
Fannie Mae Introduces Spanish-Language Homebuyer Education Program

The new platform, HomeView en Español, aims to bridge language barriers hindering Hispanic-Americans from purchasing homes..

Sep 29, 2023
Layoffs At

After a rocky market debut, has laid off staff.

Sep 25, 2023
CFPB Issues Guidance On AI In Credit Underwriting

Creditors must provide specific and accurate reasons for credit denials, even with complex AI models.

Sep 19, 2023
Intercontinental Exchange Completes Black Knight Acquisition; Births Dark Matter Technologies Under Constellation Software

Rich Gagliano takes the helm at Dark Matter Technologies, poised to lead the future of Empower LOS with a 1,300-strong team, blending startup agility with decades of industry experience.

Sep 18, 2023
FHFA Invites Public Engagement On Modernized Credit Score Transition

Stakeholder forums and listening sessions planned to ensure seamless rollout; extended timeline for bi-merge credit report requirement in play.

Sep 11, 2023
Desperation Drives Difficulty in Closing Mortgages in California

Analysis reveals California among top 20 toughest states for mortgage closures.

Sep 11, 2023