New On Q Financial Product Speeds Up the Process by 10 Days

New On Q Financial Product Speeds Up the Process by 10 Days

April 30, 2019
Brenda Hedeen has been named chief financial officer of On Q Financial
On Q Financial has announced the launch of Mortgages Simplified, a product that makes for a simpler mortgage process via quicker approvals and less hassle by helping families complete their journey to homeownership as much as 10 days faster.
“While the mortgage industry is busy chasing the future, we’re already there,” said On Q Financial Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Nick Suwanvichit. “Our technology is light years ahead of the mortgage industry and Mortgages Simplified is just the beginning. We’re committed to becoming the best mortgage lender in the industry by retiring the pattern and traditions ingrained in the industry.”
Through Mortgages Simplified, On Q has developed technology to automate the mortgage process—the collection of documents to verify borrower assets, income and employment—saving borrowers potentially weeks during the mortgage process.
“We’re constantly looking for ways to create technology to simplify the mortgage process,” said On Q Financial President and Chief Executive Officer John Bergman. “For so long, the mortgage industry has been chained to paperwork, files and slow processes, but On Q’s changing that. With Mortgages Simplified, our Originators are getting our clients in their homes 10 days faster. We’re automating how we collect borrowers’ assets, employment and income verification, making the process so much faster for our clients and Originators.”