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Verus Expands Its Investor Solutions and Renovation Loan Offerings
Jun 06, 2019

Verus touts a simplified process for lenders.

Verus Mortgage Capital (VMC) has announced updates to its short-term business purpose that will simplify processes for lenders substantially. Verus’ expanded RTL program has several new benefits, including:
►Clarity for lenders on what the exact upfront loan (Day 1 as-is LTB) amount will be without any complex loan to cost metrics
►Up to 100 percent financing for construction costs up to the properties as repaired value (ARV) limit
►Financing available for ground-up construction projects up to 18 months
►Bridge loan programs available
►Longer term rental take out loans based upon property debt service (DSCR) program up to 30-year loans
“Our simplified programs make it easier for lenders to do business with us,” said Ketan Parekh, managing director at Verus. “We now offer an easier-to-understand credit box review without changing the risk tolerance of our loans.”
Jun 06, 2019
The Fix Is In For Experienced Flippers

Knowledgeable Investors Have The Advantage Over Newbies In Pandemic Housing Market

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Sep 24, 2021
KBRA Assigns Preliminary Ratings to PSMC 2021-3 Trust

Loan pool comprises 469 residential mortgages with an aggregate principal balance of $428.7 million

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Sep 23, 2021
Small Investors Pick Up Greater Market Share

Lately, small investors have been picking up a significant share of the investment market at the expense of their much larger counterparts.

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Aug 30, 2021
KBRA Assigns Preliminary Ratings to GCAT 2021-NQM4 Trust $267.9M Offering

Nearly 64% Of The Mortgages In The Offering Are Non-QM Loans

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Aug 23, 2021
John Hancock Investment Management Launches Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF

Actively-Managed ETF Will Be Subadvised By Manulife Investment Management

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Aug 20, 2021
KBRA Assigns Preliminary Ratings to $325M GS Mortgage-Backed Securities Trust Offering

Loans Originated By NewRez, HomeBridge, and United Shore Financial

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Aug 20, 2021