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PropertyRadar Expands Its App for Mortgage Brokers
Jun 07, 2019

PropertyRadar has released its latest upgrade, including new comprehensive loan criteria that mortgage brokers use to drive new business directly. Used in conjunction with PropertyRadar’s 200-plus discovery criteria, brokers can identify local home and property owners that stand to benefit the most from broker-led financing products and services.
Mortgage brokers can now easily identify prospects using mortgage lending specific criteria to identify opportunities for PMI elimination, HELOCs, cash-out, consolidation, reverse mortgages, rate improvements, ARM resets and more. Prospects are easily organized into lists kept automatically up-to-date. Each list reveals hyperlocal market insights, along with a greater understanding of owner needs, resulting in a better response with less expense.
“PropertyRadar is the hyperlocal marketing and property information app that more and more local businesses are turning to, including mortgage brokers, to drive new business consistently,” said David LaPlante, CMO of PropertyRadar. “Today’s smart broker can know every future customer by name, understand their unique needs and attributes, and connect directly with them. That translates into high customer satisfaction, more persistent growth for the brokerage, and local business staying local.”
PropertyRadar’s hyperlocal marketing and property information app for web and mobile provides unlimited, no per-record-fee, transparent, comprehensive access to every property and owner in its coverage area.
“Agent referral networks remain an important part of any local broker’s new business,” said LaPlante. “But for new brokers, expanding brokerages, or those operating in competitive markets, they need to proactively discover, understand, and connect with future clients before they find a competitor. Driving persistent and predictable growth with intelligent direct outreach can be a game-changing compliment to inbound marketing.”
PropertyRadar has released its latest upgrade, including new comprehensive loan criteria that mortgage brokers use to drive new business directly

Jun 07, 2019
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