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Appraisal Logistics to License AIMPort AMC Software
Jun 11, 2019
Appraisal Logistics has announced the launch of Property Vision

Appraisal Logistics (ALS) has announced that it will license AIMPort, its proprietary technology platform, to lenders who want to manage some or all of their own appraisal process as well as to other appraisal management companies (AMCs).
"Not every lender wants to outsource its appraisal management to an AMC," said Frank Danna, CEO of Appraisal Logistics. "If they manage it internally, they must have access to software powerful enough to manage that process in a compliant and efficient manner. If they do work with an AMC, they may still want to manage some appraisals or evaluations internally. Most lenders need some support when lending outside of their footprint, but the process has to be very efficient to keep costs low. Finding the right mix is the key to reducing the lender's overall costs in the appraisal department. Our software makes that easy."
AIMPort is a single source solution developed to bring management and operations teams, technical tools and vendor partners together seamlessly. The platform improves workflow efficiency and accuracy in a cost-effective manner to support the lender's own vendor process. The platform offers functionality for vendor management, order process, assignments, tracking, reviewing, delivery, reporting and accounting. ALS created AIMPort internally using its own in-house IT group. The company has been operating on the platform in all 50 states since 2011.
"The possibilities are virtually limitless," said Dennis Ashcroft, ALS vice president of sales. "Whether your interest is to farm out the cost/risk to a third-party vender or manage the process internally through a state-of-the-art technology, we can analyze your existing process and provide a cost-effective solution that meets/exceeds all government and Interagency guidelines. As the only provider with the coveted ISO 9001-2015 Certification, a Quality/Performance Improvement program, your compliance at the end of the day is guaranteed."

Jun 11, 2019
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